Who does not like sports? Apparently there is no one who does not like any sports. Everyone likes one or the other sports according to their interests. It is a subjective matter. And with interest in sports comes the interest to bet on sports. Betting on sports is a very popular activity among the so called sports-likers. A main and foremost reason for betting is to make money. Playing a particular sports is surely a fun thing and betting on the sports is equally a joyous thing for some, but the reason for betting is that people get a chance to win some money as betting is mostly done in form of money. To be more clear, betting is actually done for the purpose of earning money based on the predictions of the results of the match.

About sports betting

Sports betting is the act of analysing the players of a sports, the pros and cons of the match, its ups and downs, rules and regulations, etc. and then coming on a predictive result.Sports betting is most popular in sports like cricket, football, basketball, baseball, hockey, martial arts, horse racing, etc. Sports betting is done in both legal and illegal ways. It is up to the person on the choice of betting he makes. A wager is a more formal term for betting.

One more thing to be clarified about sports betting is that it isnot only done for human sports like cricket, baseball, hockey, football, etc. but also for non-human sports. Non human sports are the one in which humans don’t have an active role like horse racing. Sports betting is also seen in politics whereby people put wagers on different political parties. Waging is done for winning or loosing a sport. Some people bet upon the winning of a certain player or a particular jockey or the horse, while some bet on their loosing.

Sports betting is not a neither a new activity nor a term. It is prevalent since ages. As long as there has been a sport, there surely had been betting on that sport. Betting gives the person, who are in one or the other way experts in that game, a chance to test their gaming skills and use those gaming skills to predict who can win the match. This way, they felt joy in testing their game knowledge and also earned some money.

As said earlier, sports betting is done in both the ways- legal as well as illegal sports betting. Basically, it is difficult to tell as to betting on which sports is legal and which is not. Since the sport laws in different countries are not the same, similarly the betting rules are also not the same. For instance, a particular country may ban betting on cricket, while in some other country, people legally bet on cricket and earn or loose money.

Illegal betting is mostly done by private enterprises who remain away from the radar of government and carry on their betting activities in a secret manner. Whereas, legal betting is done by making wager through a bookmaker or a sportsbook. The bookmakers are found online too. Many bookmakers have their own apps for getting the wager placed. They operate legally and the government has a record of them.

This brings us to the point of the topic: free sports apps. Yes, there are many sports betting apps which are free to download on any android or iOS devices. They provide an opportunity to the bettor to place his wager legally through the app. Various free sports betting apps for android phones are namely Coral android sports betting app, sports betting game app, sports bets TZ, betting, etc. There are free sports betting apps for iPhoneas well. They are Bett365, BetVictor, Bwin, Unibet, etc.