Equipment for Ski orienteering

In the modern Ski orienteering, most of the star participants are using fixed cross-country skate skiing gear. In the past, classic technique or shorter skating skis were frequently used. Rising Orienteers use regular skate equipment that has additional deliberations. Just like a farmer who cannot blame his tools for a poor harvest, professional orienteers use different equipment during ski orienteering event.


Ski Orienteers are given some consideration since the participants in the events typically ski on slender, soft tracks. A ski that is equivalent to one height is recommended because a longer ski will efficiently glide due to the larger gliding surface hence reduced friction. However, when the skiing ground id covered by excess snow, the massive ski will trap more snow and the orienteer quickly losses the advantage. A few years ago, skies were shorter, but there were stiff enough for adults. These enable skiing to be done in narrow tracks.


The length of the optical pole for ski orienteering varies across different orienteers. The upper body performs a more significant workload in ski orienteering than in cross-country skiing, because the narrow track reduces the possibilities of forward power with the ski. This is the reason why orienteers are advised to have a pole that is proportionally equal length for the upper body power and size. It is also essential to have a pole that can withstand a few knots because and bend a little since there is a likelihood of the orienteers hitting tree since the with be skiing cross to them.


The most notable difference between regular cross-country skiing and ski orienteering is the extent of the baskets. The basket in ski orienteering is usually large so that they can enable the orienteers to use their power for forward movement which is hindered by the softness of the tracks. But, the heaviness of the baskets poses a challenge, therefore, adjusting the pole swing. Though this a small task compared to using the orienteers’ power for forward movement, it will reduce the speed of the pole to move forward again.

Map holders 

A map holder is strapped to the upper body of the ski orienteers so that they can be able to read and carry the map much faster as their use their arms more efficiently. Nordenmark adventure, a Swedish company is the leading manufactures of map holder for the last years. The map holders are designed in a way the orienteers can be able to adjust them according to their specification. The user can either decide that they want it tight on the waist or far from the eye, but the most important consideration is that the straps and screws are tightened in a way that they cannot be blown away by the wind.


A punch is used to authenticate that the participants have passed through all the control point. In ski orienteering, various punching system such as Emit and SPORTident are used. The athletes can physically punch or use the touch-free system. In the physical punching system, the punching cards are typically placed on the athlete’s gloves while in the touch-free systems, the system permits the athletes to pass the pass without stopping g.


 It is critical to invest in the Ski orienteering equipment since they not only enhance your skiing experience but also guarantee your safety.